Dalit women stand with the struggles of Transgender communities in India.

Dalit women envision a world that is equal, just and offers security and happiness for all. We believe that, in such a world, we will have equal access to resources, right to life and dignity. Our resistance movement is defined by this vision with a dream of leaving behind a…...

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SC/ST activists oppose reservation for economically weaker sections


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MBBS students arrested for ragging and assaulting Dalit college-mate in Bengaluru


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Fifty Years of Keezhvenmani Massacre, in Literature and Film


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How 52 Tribals And Dalits Were Sexually Harassed, Held Captive for 3 Years in Karnataka


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National Dalit Watch Blog

National Dalit Watch ...

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Biggest caste survey: One in four Indians admit to practising untouchability

Sixty-four years after caste untouchability was abolished by the Constitution, more than a fourth of Indians say they continue to practise it in some form in their homes, the biggest ever survey of its kind has revealed. Those who admit to practising untouchability belong to virtually every religious and caste…...

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Caste Rules The Roost Across South Asia, 2014-12-13 , Issue 50 Volume 11, Tehelka

Rooting for Dalit rights Activists participating in the People’s SAARC meet in Kathmandu take out a march against caste-based discrimination Two years ago, a young man went to a roadside restaurant in Gaibandha district of north Bangladesh and asked for a cup of tea. The owner refused to serve him. The…...

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Ensuring Inclusion of Dalits during responses in Flood Affected Tamil Nadu.

An assessment report of the situation in Tamil Nadu following devastating floods on 9 November, 2015, finds that Dalit households are the main victims of the flood and are not receiving relief from the Government, despite non-Dalits having received such relief. Statistics reveal that more than 95% of the houses…...

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Press Release and Memorandum submitted to Finance Minister

Recently, Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) on Tribal Sub Plan points out, in the latest report submitted, under-utilisation of funds, diversion of funds, and deficient financial management being common in most of the schemes targeted for SCs and STs. It further says, the schemes meant for the welfare and development…...

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