Beena Pallical is currently the General Secretary of Dalit Arthik
Adhikar Andolan, co-ordinates the National Coalition of SCP TSPLegislation and Executive Director, South Asia Dalit Women’s Economic Empowerment Program of Asia Dalit Rights Forum. She
has been with NCDHR for the last seven years, working on the Dalit
Economic Rights, with a special focus on Dalit women’s economic rights.
She has been passionately working towards policy changes within Central
and State governments for the development of Dalit and Adivasi
community. Has been demanding for inclusion of Dalit Women in the
policy formulation. Her main focus of work continues to be on Economic
Justice and specifically looking at Gender equity and equality. She has led
many campaigns in the last seven years and has trained several Dalit &
Adivasi Women and men on Budget rights. She contributed to the overall
work of Dalit Rights in NCDHR and  participated in several national and
international seminars representing the voices of Dalits and Adivasis and
advocating stronger policy measures with effective implementation. She
feels that if she were not a Human Rights Activist she would be dancing her
way to glory!!!!