Lee has been working actively in the development and human rights space since 2006. She applies social justice and equity-based solutions to disaster and climate resilience, with a special focus on socially excluded and marginalized communities, and children. She continues to engage in the sub-national, national, and international processes of making the Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation, and the Development frameworks inclusive and responsive to the resilience and adaptation needs of most marginalized communities, particularly the oppressed caste groups. Public policy appraisals, enabling community leadership (especially women and youth), participatory governance, civil society engagements, and dialogues with duty bearers and humanitarian actors, are central to her work towards securing truly just and inclusive resilience systems. Currently the Executive Vice-Chair of Sphere India, a national coalition of humanitarian organizations, she also co-facilitates the protection and advocacy committees of Sphere India, as she leads the National Dalit Watch.