Adikanda Singh is the Advocacy Officer. He has more than a decade
of professional experience as a social work in the field of Self Help
Movement, promotion of Dalit and Tribal economic rights and
entitlements, through research and lobbying & advocacy work. He started
his professional journey as a Government primary teacher and also a science
teacher in Girl’s High School for two years when he realised that Dalit
Human Rights was his calling and he had to respond to it. That’s when he
joined Jan Vikas in Odisha. His has done extensive advocacy with several
policymakers and Parliamentarians on Dalit issues resulting in effective

implementation of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Sub Plans. He
is also well versed in budgeting and tracking of budgets and has been
training on the subject for the last 3 years.  He spends most of his spare
time reading current affairs, it might look boring to some but for him, it
gives him a lot of pleasure.