Robin Singh Nongmaithem has joined DAAA as a Research
Associate in 2017. He hails from Manipur. Robin is a historical researcher
with specialisation in Medieval Indian History, especially of North East
Indian History. He has submitted his Ph.D. thesis on the topic; “Aspects of
State Formation in Pre-Colonial Manipur” at the Centre for Historical Studies
(CHS), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. For the M.Phil
dissertation, he has worked on the topic of “Pre-Colonial Manipur through Two

Texts: Cheitharol Kumbaba and Ningthaurol Lambuba”. He has extensive
experience in research work on Indian and North Eastern History.
As Robin says, "My biggest weakness is food. I am available anytime if there is
good food. So easiest way to control me is to provide food rest I will show what I can do it
for you! "