Feminist, researcher and trainer – engages in monitoring human rights violation, action research and policy advocacy on issues pertaining to caste and gender based violence and access to justice. She coordinates Dalit Women Rights Monitoring and Leadership building along with vibrant Dalit Women leaders in the states. Anne has steered action research on Discrimination in School Education and been part of the drafting of a Bill on Enabling Safe School Environments.

Anne has been part of several academic and civil society – national and international conferences, discourses and platforms on Human rights issues, identity construction, Gender and Diaspora, interplay of gender and caste in constructing power relations, vis` a vis` impacting access to justice, implementation of laws, rights of minority women, especially Dalit, Adivasi, & ethnic minority women. She belongs to mixed ancestry (mother Anglo-Indian community and father from Dalit Khatik community). Anne holds a Doctorate on “Issues of gender and ethnicity amongst Indian Diaspora in South Africa” from Jawaharlal Nehru University. She believes the best ways to discover oneself is to indulge in reading, dancing and travelling.