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A National consultation conducted joinltly by NCDHR and NHRC on 3rd and 4th of Dec. at NewDelhi.



  National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) and  National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)  in association with 40 National, Regional and State level organizations organized a two days National Consultation on "STRENGTHENING CIVIL SOCIETY INITIATIVES FOR UPHOLDING DALIT HUMAN RIGHTS"  on 3rd & 4th December 07 at New Delhi.
  In a special session held on on 4th  Mr. R S Kalha,   Member and  Y.S.R. Murthy, Director-Research, NHRC  responded to the concerns on the  non implementation of SC/ST (PoA) Act 1989 and Rules 1995  . Mr. Paul Divakar and  Mr. Vincent J Manoharan, NCDHR, Dr. Rama Panchal (Madhya Pradesh), Ram Kumar, DAG (UP), Bagya Raj, DBF (AP),  Gopal Rao,  (NDF), Ahmad Bai, Nandigram, Colin Gonsalveze, HRLN, New Delhi, Kumar Prasanth (Orissa), & Yashodha (Karnataka) were also participated
The participants expressed serious concern over the failure of Criminal Justice System  in protecting the Rights of Dalits and assessed that the  Justice Delivery Mechanism  ineffective in rendering Pecuniary and Penal Justice to the Dalit Victims. The interventions of both NHRC and the NCSC in protecting the Lives and Properties of Dalits were insufficient and called for a Civil Society involvement through various activities ,viz  Lobbying, Advocacy and Mass Action to eliminate the Caste and Caste based Discrimination.   
The convention asked NHRC, SHRC, Central and State Governments an effective implementation of   Legal Standards to protect the interests and concerns of Dalits and decided to intensify the interventions at all levels- state and national
The participants formulated  the following recommendations  for  NHRC ,state and central govts and submitted  it to the NHRC
To follow up the PIL filed in the Supreme  Court by NCDHR seeking an effective implementation of the SC/ST (POA) Act 1989 and Rules 1995
To file PILs in various High Courts for the implementation of this Act
To Organise States  level Consultations and  to follow up  cases pending  in  Trial Courts.
To pressurize the State Governments and SHRC to  take all steps to protect the Lives and  Properties of Dalits
To take up Lobbying , Advocacy  and Mass Action for raising the issues of Dalits.
In the period of 1992 to  2005, a total of 3, 98, 644  cases of various crimes against Dalits have been registered countrywide. The break up of various crimes shows that on an average: 5895 Murders, 3482 Hurt cases, 1040 Rapes, 265 Kidnapping/abduction, 53 Dacoity, 153 Robbery, 352 Arson, 1166 PCRA, 8428 POA and 12941 other offences were registered every year and
o      13 Dalits are murdered every week
o      5 Dalit’s homes or possessions are burnt every week
o      6 Dalits are kidnapped or abducted every week
o      3 Dalit women are raped every day
o      11 Dalits are beaten every day and
o      A crime is committed against a Dalit in every 18 minutes.
Despite the prevalence of Article 17 of Constitution, which abolishes Untouchability, Dalit rights are infringed. Similarly, the SC/ST (POA) Act 1989 and Rule 1995 was not implemented by the Criminal Justice Administrative System to protect the lives and properties of Dalits
  A recent study states that Dalits face nearly 140   visible and invisible forms of discriminations.
Mr. R.S. Kalha, said  that the Commission was aware of the HRs violations of  Dalits and kept  on giving directions to the State Governments, holding meetings of State Chief Secretaries, organizing sensitization programs for the officials of all levels and also Monitoring the Atrocities.  Also closely watching what happens in the atrocities prone areas where a quick and strong action in necessary to protect the Dalits . He cited  Education as the prime concern  and exhorted  all should be  involved in educating the Dalit Children. He  talked on how  Dr. K.R. Narayanan, though  born in an illiterate family rose to the level of President of India by means of education. He advised Dalits   to exploit the  opportunities in the Private and Corporate Sector, especially the IT Industry which would boost  the Economic status. 
He concluded that we got good people to work for Justice and  equality but  we need to redouble our efforts to end the age old Caste  system and Caste Based Discrimination.

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