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A National Consultation of MPs, Planners and Dalit Movements

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A National Consultation of MPs, Planners and Dalit Movements resolveove to move the government to make SCP an act for its effective implementation

                                            Press Release

A National Consultation on Special Component Plan (SCP) was organized on 9th of March 2010 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the Constitution Club, New Delhi by the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) and the National Action Forum for Social Justice (NSAFJ). Dr. Narendra Jadhav, Member Planning Commission graced the occasion as The Guest of Honour. This national consultation also included participants from varying background like Parliamentarians, Executives, Economists, Academics, Civil Society Organizations and Concerned Citizens.

During this National Consultation the ground realities of SCP and its implementation was brought into light through the government reports and its analysis. Paul Divakar of National Campaign On Dalit Human Rights and SC Pathre Gen. Sec. of NAFSJ presented some facts and figures related to SCP and discussed that despite clear guidelines from the Planning Commission, making it mandatory for Union and State governments to allocate funds in the budget according to the population of SCs and STs for formulation and implementation of such schemes that will benefit these marginalized sections of the society, why are many ministries shying away from their responsibilities in allocating this fund. The Code 789 of the Planning Commission makes this fund non-divertible and non-lapsable but still many ministries are either giving nominal allocation or they aren’t allocating funds at all.
Dr. Narendra Jadhav said that though its has been 30 years since SCP was introduced and this period is quite a lot but still the state of SCP is bad at implementation level. The state can be improved by devising better mechanisms of checks and balances. He said that Honourable members of the parliament should make government accountable for SCP’s better implementation. He promised to take up the suggestions that emerged out of the consultation.

MP Shri P.L. Poonia (INC) said that SCP was initiated to demolish the social inequality but it does not happen. The money that is meant for SC and ST population get pilferaged by the time it reaches the needy. Awareness with in the Ministries too is required about the schemes. MP Dr. G. Vivekanand (INC) that new crop of MPs is ready to support any effort for betterment of SC population and will actively take part in doing so, and MP Shri D. Raja of CPI expressed solidarity with the cause of dalits and said that it is the right of dalits to have SCP implemented because this fight is not for today but for the future. Other MPs including Shri J Seelam, Shri Praveen Rashtrapal, Shri Harsh Kumar, Shri Anup Kumar Saha, Shri Shakti Mohan Malik, Shri Rajaiah Siricilla, Shri Shailander Kumar, Shri R. K. Nayak and Shri D. Narayan unanimously passed a resolution for a mechanism that needs to be devised for the better implementation and

pledged their complete support for the cause. Mr. P.S. Krishnan, IAS, Former Sec MSJE, who was one of the drafters of SCP chaired the whole session. He gave a history of the origin of the SCP and its purpose.

The Challenges to the effective implementation of SCP were discussed and some suggestions were given on how to improve upon the existing schemes and what possible innovations can be made so that this money reaches and benefits the SC and ST people directly hence mainstreaming them. Paul Divakar on behalf of NCDHR  and SC Pathre Gen. Sec. of NAFSJ presented the recommendations to the member Planning Commission the possible steps that
can be taken to help a huge chunk of population and provide them what they deserve.

Many civil society and student activists too addressed the issue called for ameliorative measure to be taken as soon as possible so that the condition of the SC population can be improved.

The national consultation adopted a set of Action Points for way forward for SCP and decided to take this as delegation to the Prime Minister, Ministers Concerned and leaders of the Political parties for its effective implementation.

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