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Resolution on Reclaiming Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan

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Resolution on

Reclaiming Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan


Concerned Citizens, Academicians, Human Rights Defenders, and Dalit Rights Activists

The government of India introduced a plan called Special component Plan (SCP) during the 6th Five Year Plan, which is now being renamed as Scheduled Castes Sub Plan (SCSP) for the socio-economic welfare and overall development of Dalits. It was made mandatory for all State governments departments as well as the central government ministries/departments. This Strategy entails targeted flow of funds and associated benefits from the annual plan of the Centre, and States/ Union Territories (UTs) at least in proportion to the SC population i.e., 16 % in the total population of the country/the particular state.


However, the proportion of plan allocation earmarked for SCs has consistently been far below as per the proportion of Dalit population in the total population of the country. The total plan allocations by all departments/ministries of the central government in 2007-08 is Rs.205,100 crore, in which plan allocations earmarked for SCs by all departments/ministries in 2007-08 is  Rs.12515.75 Crore, which means a mere  6.10 percent of the total allocations instead of the 16 percent mandated proportion. This means around Rs.20,510 crore money is denied to SCs. This is the way Dalits have been exploited, deprived and excluded from the developmental process of the country since last 25 years. At a time when the country is making extraordinary economic progress and growth at all fronts, the Dalits should be supported in sharing this progress and growth for the overall development and harmony of the country.  

We, appeal the Government of India to act on an urgent basis so that Dalits are no more deprived of their share in the budgetary provision to the SCSP from the coming Annual Budget 2008- 09.


We place the following for immediate consideration: 


1.       The Union Planning Commission (UPC) to have an exclusive Deputy. Chairman for SCSP and the full member looking after SC progression be made an exclusive Member Secretary. Similar arrangement should be placed in the State Planning Commissions (SPCs).


2.       A Separate Ministry for development of SCs- ‘Ministry of Progression of Scheduled Caste’ be formed at the Central Level as well as in the States/ UTs for the welfare and development of SCs.


3.       The unspent provisions, if any, in any sector will not lapse, but automatically be credited to a Revolving Fund. This gross diversion of funds, on an average Rs. 15,000 crore annually for the last 25 years (Rs. 375,000 crore), is nothing but an extension of ‘untouchability’ and ‘exclusion’ of SCs from the resources which rightfully belongs to them. 


4.       There are clear and categorical data that out of 75 Departments /Ministries 22 Departments/Ministries have unilaterally decided that their schemes are indivisible, i.e., there will not be any special Component for the weaker sections especially for the SCs/STs. This goes against the Constitutional Provisions for SCs/STs. Hence, we recommend that the Departments/ Ministries be directed to allocate the funds for the special provision for the SCs/STs or else punitive measures should be taken against them.


5.       The Nodal Ministry should outsource the expertise of at least 11 advisers (for the 11 Sectors in vogue during 2006-07) and distribute amongst them the 70 ministries/departments of the Centre for consultative interactions with respective Departments and for innovating inclusive programs.


6.       In the economy sphere women are also contributing equally, therefore in all areas in proportion to the populations of women, budgetary allocations be made in a special way. Special focus to be made for Entrepreneurship, Health, Education, Skill Development, Land and Resource management and Social Security of women.


7.       There shall be a Joint Secretary in the PMO exclusively be devoted to SCSP.


8.       We oppose the Recommendation no.35: the categorizations of the department that are non-divisible.


9.       There should be Pre-Budget consultation on SCSP by the Government as it is being practiced for other sectors.



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