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National Conference to uphold Equality

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Feb 17, 2009: National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) in collaboration with Dalit Students Solidarity Group(DSSM) has organized a National conference on “SC/ST Reservation Bill 2008 and Academic Untouchability”


 in AP Bhawan Ashoka Road New Delhi, in against of unconstitutional move of the UPA Govt. towards our demand. Comrade D. Raja, R.K. Nayak, Comrade Brinda Karat, Justice Rama Swami, Sanjay Paswan, P.S. Krishnan (Retired IAS officer), Manda Jagannatham Pravin Rashtrapal, Congress MP and hundreds of Dalit activists from different states, faculty members, students from different universities has participated in the conference and pledge to stand in against of the section 4 of the present Bill.
In the conference Comrade D. Raja said that this inhuman move of the Govt. is blocking the entry of the Scheduled Castes and Tribes into specified PSUs and 47 educational institutions, the Bill makes it easy to declare the SCs and the STs “unfit” for any job. Comrade Brinda Karat threatened the UPA Govt. that if Govt. goes ahead with this bill in its present form. We all will teach a lesson to the Govt. Govt. is spending cores of rupees on education to uplift the weaker section of the society and other side introducing a bill which blocks the opportunity for them said Pravin Rashtrapal a Congress M.P.

According to DSSM organizing member Paul Divakar, Dr. Ajita, Raj Kumar and Sanjeev Kumar we had a huge Rally yesterday, now National Conference and if Govt. goes ahead with the Bill the whole Dalits community will come on road. A working Committee was also formed during the conference to look after the whole issue. Working Committee made a proposed bill and submitted to the Sri Ram Vilas Paswaswan Union Minister, Govt. India. Soon they will meet Srimati Sonia Gandhi; UPA chairperson and several other MPs to put pressure on the Govt. to pass the Bill in the true spirit of promoting social justice.

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