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Mapping of SC Settlements in Delhi

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Home Minister P. Chidambaram’s recent admission that Delhi government has violated guidelines in the diversion of plan funds for Scheduled Castes and Tribes to finance projects for CWG, has not only generated an array of hopes among the aspiring communities but provides for the present study a context proper to come up with appropriate recommendations on the schemes under SCSP budget for the livelihood and human resources development of SC communities in Delhi.

The Special Component Plan (SCP) funds are either diverted or misused when it comes to their implementation. This is what happened even in the Grand ‘Common’ Wealth Games (CWG), in which the Government of Delhi affirmed that Rs. 744.354 crore from the SCP fund were utilized for the Commonwealth Games, 2010. In order to bridge the divide between real needs of the people and policies of the government, Dalit Arthik Adhikar Andolan (DAAA) of NCDHR with some partners has embarked on assessing the need of the SC community. 

The present study, while mapping the livelihood and employment opportunities, the status of Civic Amenities and Human Resource Development among SCs in Delhi, attempts to maintain its prime focus on the selected SC settlements. This is done keeping in view the oft repeated and widely accepted logic that, unlike other states where there is a huge concentration exclusively of SCs & STs in particular pockets or areas the case in Delhi is different. Moreover, with a clear objective, the present study aims to facilitate the concerned policy makers and executing authorities in setting the priorities accurate by way of recognizing those sub districts which have more than 40% of SC population out of total population in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Besides the location of the SC dwellings / bastis/wards/villages, the study engages with the questions pertaining to their infrastructure availability, accessibility and proximity. In its attempt to bring forth the aspects like the status of sanitation, hygiene, educations, health, employment and the aspirations of the community members for the improvement in their own situation the study applies a family survey technique to collect the necessary information in those very aspects. 

The exercise of mapping SC settlements in the Delhi started in January 2011, wherein, 15 SC settlements were identified. This initiative is expected to evolve Community Plans based on their needs and generate demands through community participation and hence, would be recommended under the SCP funds that are to be brought back by the Delhi government. It will create awareness among the communities in these colonies and capacitate them in utilizing the resources available under the SCSP for their economic and educational development. Comprehensive mapping and need assessment is being done and the report will shortly come into the public domain. 

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