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'Dalit Arthic Abhiyan'

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A mass campaign on the economic rights of Dalits


NCDHR is organizing a mass campaign ‘Dalit Aarthic Abhiyaan’  (Dalit Economic Campaign) , in Delhi on 11th December 2007.  Conceived as a road show campaign, it  will also meet Prime  Minister, Finance Minister ,Presidents of political parties and other important office bearers and will  send  appeal letters all concerned .An  exhibition  also should be  conducted. The Appeal letters will send  to Prime Minister,Finance Minister, Chief Ministers and others by post, telegrams, emails and fax from 10 December to 17 December continuously .

We appeal you to support the campaign on SCSP and carry this forward in your respective states.

Special component Plan (SCP)  was introduced during the 6th   five year plan  for the socio-economic welfare of Dalits.
Later it is renamed as Scheduled Castes Sub Plan (SCSP) which ensures the targeted flow of funds and associated benefits from the annual plan  at least in proportion to the SC population (16 %)  .

However, the proportion of plan allocation earmarked for SCs is far below  considering the proportion of Dalit population.

 As far as Union Budget 2007-08 is concerned, the total budget allocation under Plan Outlay is Rs. 205100 crore and as per the SCSP the Government of India was supposed to allocate Rs. 32816 crore exclusively for SCs (16 percent of the total plan budget) but it has allocated Rs. 12535.75 crore only for the welfare of SCs, which means again SCs have been deprived of Rs. 20280.25 crore, which is their rights under SCSP. This is the way Dalits have been exploited and duped for the last 25 years. 


Yours sincerely


N. Paul Divakar            Vimal Thorat                          Vincent Manoharan
(National Convenor)       (National Co-Convenor)        (General Secretary)



Dalit arthic abhiyan


A scene from the protest rally taken by NCDHR activists as part of Dalt Arthic Abhiyan.

From left : Bezwara Wilson -National Convenor Saphayii Karmachari Andolan ,Ashok Bharti Director NACDOR,Paul Divakar National Convenor NCDHR and other activists at the rally







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