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Continued Violation of socio economic rights of SCs in Delhi

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Continued Violation of socio economic rights of SCs in Delhi
                     2013-14 – Denial of Rs. Cr.2036 to SCs
                     2012-13 - Denial of Rs.Cr. 2012 to SCs

National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights/Dalit Arthik Adhikar Andolan

Government claims that Delhi resonates with greater hope and confidence than ever before and we have to build on all that we have achieved, to make the city even more prosperous, inclusive, cleaner and safer. While the reality is the Delhi Govt. reduced the total Entitlement as per SCSP is by Rs 2036.68 Cr.

The Gross State Domestic Product of Delhi is Rs. 3,65,726 crore in 2012-2013, registering a growth of   9 % far exceeds the 5 % at the national level. The contribution of Delhi in GDP is 3.8 % The per capita income of Delhi in 2012-2013 is estimated to be Rs 2.01 lakh as against the national level figure of Rs 68,747.

The total Budget Estimate for 2013-14 is Rs. 37,450.00 crore, out of which the Total Plan Expenditure of Delhi Budget 2013-14 (BE) is Rs 16,000.00 cr. As per the SCP Guideline the amount due is 16.92% which amounts to Rs. 2,707.20 Cr.  for the current financial year. But when we examine the allocations as per the Detailed Demand for Grants (DDGs) for Special Component Plan (SCP) there only amount to Rs.Cr. 670.52 This is a mere 4.19 % of the Plan Outlay of the Delhi Expenditure budget. (Ref Table-1)
TABLE-1                                                                               Rs in Cr.

s. no.
Description 2012-13 Be 
2012-13 RE   
2013-14 BE

Total Expenditure - Delhi State 

State Plan Size
15000.00 16000.00
  State Non-Plan size 18,268.00 17000.00 
  Proportion of SC population (as per state's 2001 Census)
16.92 16.92 16.92
  Amount due under SCP @ 16.92% - (16.92% of row 2) 
2,566.43 2538.00 
  Amount under SCP (Minor Head 789) as per the DDGs(Detailed Demand for Grants) submitted the State Assembly 559.34 525.43 670.52
  Real Percentage allocation under SCP – Row 7 as percentage of Row 2 3.69   
  Amount Denied to  SCP per the policy set by Planning Commission of India – (Row 5 less Row 6)

(Source-Delhi NCT Expenditure Budget -  Detailed Demands for Grants- 2013-14)

The above table shows that, in comparison of last year merely Rs. 145 Cr. is being increased under the SCSP which is in percentage just .5 . 

Highlights of Budget Allocation under SCP for F.Y. 2013-14.

  •   A residential school for SC/ST students of Delhi will be set up in 2013-14.
  •   “The Delhi Swablamban Yojna (DSY) ”, a co-contributory pension scheme for unorganized sector, is to be launched     by government of Delhi with an annual contribution of Rs. 1000 per person along with the equal contribution of Govt. of India.
  •  Women in distress will get a pension of Rs. 1500 per month. 
  •  “Delhi Swarojgar Yojna” has also been started by providing loans upto Rs.5lakh for SC/ST and minorities.
  •  Senior Citizen Pension Scheme Rs. 60 Cr. is being allocated which is just Rs. 5 Cr. more than previous year.
  •  No increase in allocation for improvement of SC Basties which is same Rs. 35 Cr. of  last Financial Year.
  •  No increase in scholarship/Merit Scholarship to SC/ST/OBC and Minority Students- Class I to XII in new budget.
  •  Allocation has been slashed in construction of new schools.
  • There is no increase in Scholarship for Colleges and University Students for SC/STs, as its same Rs. 2.4 Cr. of previous year


Name of  Schemes 2013-14 BE (Rs.Cr.)
1 Grant in Aid to  DJB for Rural Water Supply   
2 Grants to DUSIB for construction of houses for weaker section (JNNURM)   
3 Grants to DSIDC for construction of houses for weaker section (JNNURM)  
4 Rajiv Awas Yojana (DUSIB)  
  Grants to NDMC for construction of houses for weaker section (JNNURM)  
  Grants DUSIB for Structural improvement & rehabilitation of Katra dwellers  
  Grants-in-aid to DUSIB for Construction of pay & use Jan Suvidha complexes.   
  Grants-in-aid to DUSIB for construction of community Halls  
  Grants-in-aid to MCD (Slum) for Shishu Vatika/common spaces in JJ clusters   
  Grants to South Delhi Municipal Corporation for Essential services in unauthorized colonies   
  Strengthening and augmentation of infrastructure i.e. roads streets, localities, street lights etc. in each assembly constituency.   
  Construction of Educational Hub for SCs at village Bakarwala  

(Source-Delhi NCT Expenditure Budget - Detailed Demands for Grants- 2013-14)

Table no. 2 shows some newly introduced schemes for the F.Y. 2013-14. Which are related to rural development, housing, water, education and Public utilities but as far as allocation is concerned its just a kind of lip service while Hon’ble Chief Minister of the of the state reiterates that good governance should be participatory, accountable, transparent, responsive, effective, efficient, equitable, inclusive and based on rule of law. Is it? Most of the schemes for the SCs in Delhi have been drastically cut.
As per the SCP guidelines, each Ministry has to allocate fund under SCP but it is unfortunate that for the 2013-14 Budget Estimate, out of total 11 departments, only 6 departments have allocated for SCs a total amount of Rs.Cr. 670.52 
Delhi government believes that sustainability has three components-Efficiency, equity and ecology. All the schemes of my government have these three components built into them. Res ipsa loquitur- facts speak for themselves. Delhi Government needs to urgently constitute a committee to investigate into these massive discrepancies and announce schemes that bring direct development to the SCs in the NCT of Delhi.

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