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Cancellation of De-Reservation of SC/ST hostels in UP

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On 6th Sep 2011, the Social Welfare Department released an order to De-reserve SC/ST Hostels by a factor of 30% and reserve it again for the benefit of other social units. It came to our notice on 21st 2011 and we collected the copy from the Department. I met with Political  Representatives, Academicians and Retd Bureaucrats to protest but they refused to even talk on it. They all told that it will be not a good step in view of the forthcoming election. Others said that "if your government is doing like this then what we can do" We had a meeting in Varansai on 22nd Sep 2011 Kapil Dev Ji and mobilized students locally in surrounding Districts for the purpose of protest. This meeting at Varanasi followed a letter to the Principal Secretary and a press release that was covered in the news papers. To make it more effective, protest were registered in Ghazipur, Deoria, Mau and Azamgarh Districts. Consolidating all protest, a press conference was held in Lucknow on 26th Sep 2011 followed by a meeting with the Director Social Welfare.


The Officials of the Social Welfare Department took the cognizance and canceled the order. No. 1496/26-3-2011-14(3)/2011 dated 6th Sep 2011 on 27th Sep 2011.  

•    Order was released on 6th Sep 2011

•    We mobilized for protest in four Districts Allahabad, Varanasi, Ghazipur and Deoria followed by the press note to media.

•    Final press conference was held in Lucknow on 26th Sep 2011 and on 27th Sep 2011, the government cancelled the order of De-reservation.

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