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Appeal against denial to SC/STs representation in academic arena

by safdar — last modified 2009-12-12 16:35

Friends, Let me being a current and high level dishonest step of present Government, in your kind notice and for the purpose of restoring the democratic means for the representation of SC/ST in the higher education.

Reference may be taken the press news, entitled, “No quota in new Central universities”, Indian Express, New Delhi, December 07, 2009,
We have no intention to criticize the Democratic Institutions, but we are certainly taking opportunity to make the critics on the manner in which subject is being understood by the concerned responsible persons, enjoying the Honb’le Authority mentioned herewith.
The first and foremost thing is to know that what these people mean by democracy. Do they mean that they are entitled to deprive and despise a social entity “SC/ST” by way of interpreting and articulating the provisions and not the status? Do they have not duty to observe and the observation for the fact on ground? Whatever they observe and whatever they articulate, it is the outcome of their education and understanding. If their education and understanding not able to serve the objective of the Democracy and Democratic Institutions then it indicates that either they are certainly mistaken or they are certainly pernicious.
The subject on which the Constituent Assembly discussed and Democracy was founded is nothing but the proportionate representation in social life – be it education, health, parliament, legislative assembly and all sectors of human development for which the democratic institutions are created. If proportionate representation is denied then it will not constitute participatory democracy. In this case, the concept of “Efficient Democracy” will get adopted. No way, it can be justified that “Efficient Democracy” is better that than “Participatory Democracy”. If it is justified then British Rule was, in no way inferior, and so on. Foreign investment in social life of Indian democracy is no way inferior. If this continues then it violets the basic means of Democracy.
It is most unfortunate that Mr. Sibbal has stated “we cannot dilute merit by reservation”. It is difficult to say how his merit or his associates merit is getting diluted. What problem he has if SC/ST got educated and how his society will become inferior if SC/ST develop their understanding.

In view of this we appeal all concerned to rescue the democracy and protest the intention of the people who are taking advantage of the authority to deprive and despise SC/ST in higher education.

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