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Discussion with Political Parties to deliberate the legislation on SCP & TSP at the National level

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 It sounds good to the general public that SCs and STs are beneficiaries of several govt. schemes, but do they bother to know where the money earmarked for them actually goes?  A Round table Discussion with political parties to deliberate the legislation on Special Component Plan (SCP) & Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) at the National level

A Round table Discussion with political parties to deliberate the legislation on Special Component Plan (SCP) & Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) at the National level  was organised by the National Coalition on SCP/TSP legislation comprising about 151 Dalit and Adivasi organizations from 22 states across the country, working towards strengthening economic rights of Dalits and  Adivasis, focusing on SCP and TSP in several states and at the national level.
Among the various political party representatives upholding the urgent need and demand for legislation on SCP & TSP, to check misappropriation of funds earmarked exclusively for the socio-economic development of Dalits and Adivasis, were Shri Gehlot, Shri Arjun Meghwal, Shri DP Tripathi, Shri Suravanran Sudhakar Reddy, Shri Basudeva Acharya, Shri Abhani Roy and Shri Mann and others included Shri Vinod Kumar, DR K S Reddy, Sec General IJU, Shri PS Krishnan, Shri Paul Divakar, Shri Mallepalli Laxmaiah.
Shri Mann remembered the contribution of Jyotiba Phule and Babasaheb Ambedkar on their leadership and  on their prioneering the struggle towards equality.
Shri Arjun Meghwal stressed on the need of the hour to have this type of legislation and how we can achieve it, one suggestion is that  we should meet the PM,  we have a parliamentary committee on issue of welfare of SC/ST, we can approach the committee, SC/ST forum, if we present this to the forum we can A Round table Discussion with political parties to deliberate the legislation on Special Component Plan (SCP) & Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) at the National levelorganise a dharna to build pressure on the government, unless we put pressure to the government nothing will happen, we assure that being from the BJP party, we are definitely with you on the issue of the SC/ST people.
Shri D Raja says, “we have to push this idea forward for legislation, when the SCP/TSP was formulated, there were clear cut objectives: Economic,  Social, Educational empowerment, but financial economic exclusion of the SCs/STs, social and economic exclusion is still going on, we can use this legislation as a weapon to fight these  evils, we need a central legislation, this is not a philanthropical act but it is a righs issue, important component of the Indian working masses, they create the wealth but what is their share in the national wealth, how to ensure that they also get to share the wealth. 
Most of the representatives of the politcal particies stressed on the need for a central legislation on SCP TSP acknowledging the example set by the state of Andhra Pradesh that has enacted the law on SCP TSP in January 2013. They all agreed that the gaps that need to be bridged with this proposed legislation to stop misuse and diversion of SCP and TSP funds.
N. Paul Divakar, Convener of the National Coalition, lamented the manner in which poor implementation of SCP and TSP has further deteriorated the living conditions of Dalits and Adivasis and demonstrated this with statistics on the diverted allocations. While acknowledging that law alone cannot bring about absolute reform, he emphasises on bringing the schemes to the law book to empower people to demand their share as a constitutional and legal right, rebuff of which could lead to approach legal systems, which is currently missing.
Shri Mallepalli Laxmaiah Founder of Centre for Dalit Rights, drew the experience of the enactment of the act in Andhra Pradesh that how the Chief Minister  increased the scholarships, housing and construction amount also increased and have also initiated schemes to send children abroad promising about 10 lac scholarships to those interested.
Some of the main strategies that all the political parties have proposed are protests on the streets to build pressure, all party delegation to the Prime minister and letters addressed to the PM from each of the political parties and continue the struggle to demand a national legislation on SCP TSP.

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