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Seminar on Awareness Building and Empowerment of Dalit Women

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The Seminar was held in Nagar Parishad Karyalaya, Panipat, Haryana on 22nd January 2006.


The Main Purposes of the Seminar were:

  • To enable Dalit Women to become aware of their Human Dignity.   
  • To initiate a process of Campaign on Violence against Dalit Women.
  • To work towards restoring the Dignity of Dalit Women.
  • To iniate the process of selecting Recapcitation Women Activists.
  • To equip and challenge Dalit Women to rewrite their history and that of their children and community.


The Main Issues articulated by the Participants were:

  1. Social discrimination of women.
  2. A rape victim is blamed by society.
  3. Women in Haryana have no power of decision making in the family.
  4. Women are not allowed to attend the common meeting outside their house.
  5. Increasing population among the Dalits.
  6. Discrimination in the school by upper caste teachers and students.
  7. Poverty, Alcoholism and family quarels.
  8. Lack of awareness of government policies of employment and development schemes.
  9. Lack of education of girls in Dalit communities.
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