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Dalits In News Dec. 20, 2007

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1,282 scavengers in city: Report- Asian Age, Don't repeat questions, lawyer told- Times Of India...

Asian Age
1,282 scavengers in city: Report
New Delhi, Dec. 19: A study by DU has reported there are more than 1,000 manual scavengers in the city though manual scavenging is constitutionally banned. Even a preliminary survey by the MCD has found the presence of manual scavengers in the city.
The shocking revelation has been made by a study conducted by the department of social welfare, Delhi University. The study was commissioned by the Delhi SC/ST Finance Commission. The report has claimed the existence of 1,282 manual scavengers in the city. The maximum number of scavengers (62.8 per cent) have been reported in the northeast district with a total of 806 scavengers. East Delhi has 18.7 per cent (240 scavengers) while 15.4 per cent scavengers belong to Ghaziabad and UP. The report has mentioned that the MCD workers working in these areas supposed to clean the drains, with or without night soil, as part of their duty, charge extra money on monthly basis for cleaning. It has stated that scavenging still continues because in some areas the sewer lines have not been laid down whereas in some areas they have been laid but not connected the houses. 85.9 per cent of the scavengers clean the drains by taking the night soil out of them and then carrying it to other places. In areas like Mustfabad and Bhagirath Vihar, women were also seen carrying night soil as head loads.
However, this form of scavenging has been given up by the scavengers due to the indignity associated with it. The report has quoted, Kanti, a scavenger, saying, "We could feel worms over our heads while carrying a head load".
It has claimed 99 per cent of the scavengers have neither availed any government loans nor any training facilities due to lack of awareness. A minuscule number who had taken advantage of both loans and training are engaged in the profession as, according to them, people hesitate to approach them for alternative work. The study has suggested that the government by laying down the sewer lines and impose penalties on those who fail to get a sewer connection.
Times Of India
Don't repeat questions, lawyer told
20 Dec 2007, 0116 hrs IST  , Gopu Pimplapure  , TNN 
BHANDARA: Fast-track court judge S S Das hearing the Khairlanji Dalit massacre trial on Wednesday warned the defence lawyer, Sudeep Jaiswal, for his "flagrant violation of judicial precedence during court proceedings". As a result, Jaiswal left the court in a huff, though proceedings continued. He did not turn up in the court to take part in the proceedings subsequently.

The hearing began on Wednesday with the Tuesday's inconclusive cross-examination of prosecution witness Premlal Walke by defence lawyer Madhukar Bedarkar.
After Bedarkar had finished questioning Walke, Jaiswal posed a few questions to Walke. Judge Das told Jaiswal to refrain from asking questions already asked to the witness. However, Jaiswal continued asking repeated questions ignoring court's observations. This led the judge to warn Jaiswal of the "flagrantly violation of judicial precedence".
When the questions are almost the same there is no need to ask same questions repeatedly. The defence lawyer has broken all the precedence. Such a behaviour by the defence lawyer cannot be tolerated by the court as the lawyer, in doing so, has expressed disrespect to the judge, Das observed.
However, Jaiswal tried to submit before the court that as a defence lawyer he was duty-bound to ask questions in the interest of his clients-the accused-who, he claimed were falsely implicated in the case. Further, he submitted that there is no provision in act, manual or procedural code or any set precedence that defence lawyer should not ask repeated questions so the word precedence should be changed and word previous norms shall be recorded.
Judge agreed to his submission and made suitable changes but struck off his submission as regards repeated questions. Even as Jaiswal tendered apology, the judge accepted the same, but stuck to his observations. It was then that Jaiswal told the court that he had concluded the cross-examination and left the court in a huff.
Prosecution lawyer and CBI counsel got up from his seat and submitted before the court that it is a mockery of court decorum.
Defence lawyers Madhukar Bedarkar, Neeraj Khandewale and CBI counsel Ezaj Khan assured the court that healthy atmosphere will be maintained by them. Later, the court adjourned after conclusion of Walke's cross-examination and listed out the next dates of the hearing. .
Express India
Bibipur school:
 SC, ST students deprived of scholarships last year
Express news service ..
Lucknow , December 18 While conducting an inquiry into the case of students protesting against a Dalit cook at Bibipur Primary and Junior High School, officials stumbled upon another case and this time students are the victims. 
The officials unearthed that around 200 Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) students of the same school have not received scholarship even last year, after the gram pradhan had withdrawn Rs 50,000 earmarked for scholarship in March 2006. An FIR was lodged against Ram Babu Chaurasia, the gram pradhan of Bibipur village, for withdrawing the amount of scholarship but not distributing among the students.
District Panchayati Raj Officer, CN Singh said: "I got a complaint about these anomalies. I verified and found that SC, ST students of the school were not given scholarships. Some of these students have even passed out from the school." He lodged the complaint at the Banthara Police station on Tuesday.
On the other hand, along with All Indian Democratic Women Alliance even the CPM came out in support of Pool Kumari Rawat, the Dalit cook at the Bibipur School, and asked the authorities not to remove her just because some students are against her.
The CPM state representatives demanded the state government to punish those who have "provoked the students against the cook for personal vengeance".


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